Husband of woman in labor gets speeding ticket on way to hospital. Fair?

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January 4, 2011, 12:18 pm
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(NECN: Lauren Collins, Londonderry, NH) - Kyle Coughlin sleeps soundly now, but he couldn't wait to make a big entrance into this world on September 18th.  It was shortly after 3:00am - parents Angela and John were headed to the hospital when mom's water broke.

Angela turned to her husband and said, "You need to get me to the hospital.  I'm going to have the baby in the car if you don't."

John stepped on it and sped right past a New Hampshire state trooper who clocked him at 102 miles per hour.

"I found my cell phone," says John, "called 911 to make sure he knew i wasn't trying to out run him." 

The trooper escorted the couple to Catholic Medical Center in Manchester, helped Angela out of the car, and waited outside the delivery room with a ticket in his hand.  A ticket written with just six minutes to spare before Kyle's official time of birth.

"He said congratulations on your son but I'll see you in court," recalls John.

The couple was at court Tuesday for a trial that's been rescheduled for next week.  They had with them a letter from the midwife that states the baby's life could have been in danger had they not made it to the emergency room so quickly.  Kyle's precipitous birth left him black and blue.  No comment at this point from state police.  Dad has no regrets.

"I really didn't think it was a big deal.  I wasn't recklessly driving, i wasn't speeding on a Friday afternoon  at four o'clock.  I was just getting them to safety. "

No matter the outcome of this ticket, everyone is safe and Kyle Coughlin has one memorable story for his baby book.

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