Health care repeal top priority of GOP majority

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January 5, 2011, 5:35 am
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(NECN: Jennifer Eagan) -President Obama faces a new political reality in Washington. When the new congress is sworn in, Republicans will have control of the House.

At the top of their agenda: repealing the President's health care law. Many Republicans campaigning for congress did so by running against Obama's healthcare reform.

In November, voters had their say on the issue. In the House, the Republicans now hold a majority. Topping their agenda is a repeal of the health care law.

A vote is expected next week.

They do have enough seats to pass such a measure in the House, although it would likely stall in the Senate, where Democrats still hold a majority in this 112th congress.

Republicans have said that health care reform is a job killer, that it hurts small businesses and that they are focused on job creation.

Democrats are vowing to fight back.

Vermont congressman Peter Welch returned to D.C. early to work to protect the provisions in the healthcare bill. They're provisions he says will keep costs down for the middle class. In fact, he says repealing the bill would be more costly.

An interesting moment to look out for today: when outgoing house speaker Nancy Pelosi formally hands off the gavel to incoming speaker, Republican John Boehner.

At a press conference yesterday, Pelosi said she has no regrets. She blamed Senate Republicans for holding up legislation for job creation.

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