Scott Brown touts 'my independent record'

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January 19, 2012, 9:44 pm
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(NECN) - United States Senator Scott Brown officially launched his re-election campaign in Worcester, Massachusetts Thursday night.

There’s no denying Republican Scott Brown surprised both opponents and some of his supporters back in 2010 when he won the U.S. senate seat once held by Ted Kennedy.

Two years later, Brown is looking to keep that seat.

This time around, he’s facing a tough challenge from a new democrat on the scene.

That would be Elizabeth Warren.

Brown is portraying himself as an independent senator who will work with both parties to get things done.

"Once again I won't have the political establishment behind me - not the one on Beacon Hill, and certainly not the one on Capitol Hill.  All I will have going for me is my independent record as your United States Senator, and the independent spirit of the Massachusetts voter.  I'll take those advantages any day over the political machine, and with your help in this campaign we will beat the odds again together.”

It was his official launch of his re-election campaign at the same place he was two years ago.

"Many of you were here at Mechanics Hall two years ago, in the closing hours of a tough and memorable election.  Worcester was the perfect place to wrap up that winning campaign in January 2010.  So, the way I figure it, what better place to start the winning campaign of 2012?,” asked Brown. “"Two years ago today, the whole country was watching, waiting to see what would happen in Massachusetts.  After we lost Ted Kennedy, there was suddenly a vacancy in the United States Senate.  And for the political establishment, it came down to a simple question: Which Democrat would move into the seat?”

Brown kept the same theme of it being the peoples’ seat.

"A lot has changed in these two years, but not that. It is not the establishment's is not the Democrats' seat...It is still the people's seat - it's your seat. For anyone running, it still has to be earned.  And that is what brings us here today: I am honored to be your United States senator, I am running for re-election to the U.S. Senate, and I ask for your vote,” Brown said.

Brown also commented on his opponent, Elizabeth Warren.

"My likely opponent, Professor Warren, is a hard-working, talented, and accomplished academic. And she's got the other side pretty excited.  She talks about how she's a, quote, 'rock thrower,' and rather than compromise she prefers to leave 'blood and teeth' on the floor. That sure doesn't sound like the kind of compromise and progress this country needs right now. I'm a bridge builder, not a rock thrower.”

Brown finished his speech not asking for votes, but saying just one thing that resonates with much of New England.


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