Frigid temperatures can't stop die-hard sailors

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January 22, 2011, 5:28 pm

(NECN: Scot Yount) - It says it all doesn't it?  Wait for summer. 

"They think we are crazy," said Courageous Sailing's Dave DiLorenzo.

And they might be right. On one of the coldest days of the year so far, they are not deterred.

It's called frost biting, sailing in the winter. The best thing about sailing in the winter?

"You get to sail," said Gary Weisberg.

All of this is happening at a now 25-year-old non-profit program in Charlestown named after the famous America's cup yacht "Courageous." Some would say the name "Courageous Sailing Center" was a bit fortuitous when it is in the teens.

"Yeah, we leverage the name in a lot of ways," said DiLorenzo.

We apparently don't have much judgment either and headed out with the racers to see them compete.

There's definitely something ancient and precious about sailing, it is a very pure sport and even in racing I think you could say it is probably more relaxing than your everyday life, but on a day like this? It is not for the faint of heart.

"One of the beauties of sailing in the winter is the kind extreme meditative quality of the cold," said Cha-Ling O'Connell.

"It's fun, it is invigorating," said Rosemary Lyons. "I know people think we are nuts but there is no one on the harbor no one in your way."

Nobody but some nutty swans.

"You know there are mornings when you are driving here and you say I must be out of my mind," said Kate Colbert, "but then you get out on the boat and it is all good."

A message they want to spread. That's why the money taken in for these races along with donations powers the soul of this organization. Each summer 1200 kids from the city get to sail free.

"And all of that goes back to supporting the youth program, which is the heart and soul of what we do here," said Dave DiLorenzo
Even in freezing temperatures.

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