Thousands pack Gillette Stadium for Super Bowl rally

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January 29, 2012, 6:57 pm

(NECN: Scot Yount, Foxboro, Massachusetts) - "Welcome to Gillette Stadium for the 2012 Super Bowl sendoff rally," exclaimed an excited announcer.

It was a virtual sea of enthusiasm and hope as thousands of loyal New England Patriots fans crammed into the east side of Gillette to bask in a bit of brisk sunshine and take in the truth. The AFC Champion Pats are headed to a super clash with the titans of the NFC, Eli Manning and the New York Giants.

"We going to the Super Bowl, what's up baby," yelled wide receiver Deion Branch.

More understated was the Hoodie Genius, minus the hoodie.

"It is a great honor to be representing AFC and New England in the Super Bowl.  We are really excited about the trip. Appreciate the support, I am sure we will see some of you all out in Indy. Go Pats," said coach Bill Belichick.

The Pats have won 11 straight, but can they make it 12?

"And hopefully we go down to Indy and have one more win in us. We will hear you guys all the way down to Indy and like Bill said, go Pats," cheered defensive lineman Vince Wilfork.

"You guys are the reason why we are in this spot we are in, because we had home field advantage coming in and we were able to take advantage of it and now we are in the Super Bowl. And that's what it's all about," slot receiver Wes Welker told the assembled crowd.

"To have the opportunity to go and play for a championship, play for a Super Bowl, and bring this trophy back to you all because you deserve it.  Thank you baby," said Branch.

The rally was all about the fans and nobody knew that better than Tom Brady, who is headed to the big showdown for the fifth time.

"We have the greatest fans in America, you guys have proved that to us year in and year out, we love your support and I wish we could take all you guys to Indy with us," said Brady.

The team left their home field, boarded buses to take them to a waiting aircraft to wing them not just to Indy, but to fulfill a dream.

"We're going down there, we're going down there for one reason we are gonna give it our best, and hopefully we have a lot, a lot more people at our party next weekend, thanks guys," said Brady.

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