Mayor Menino back in the spotlight

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January 29, 2013, 10:21 pm
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(NECN: Josh Brogadir, Boston) - Boston Mayor Tom Menino's State of the City address really turned into an enormous speech to follow for the direction of Boston politics.

Major players in the Bay State were there with Boston and beyond watching Tom Menino on his game.

The podium lower than usual, and a chair was standing by just in case.

Anticipation of how the 23-minute long State of the City of Boston would go inside Faneuil Hall was quickly answered with one of the longest standing ovations on record as Mayor Tom Menino walked up the aisle with a cane and delivered a quip.

"I have some words of wisdom, you don't want to hear my words of wisdom do you?" Mayor Menino joked.

Well documented are the ailments, the extended recovery time. The way each time Tom Menino is down, he comes right back. However, this last time was the longest stretch. His trip to Italy was cut short and he spent two months in a hospital along with extended rehab.

"I am forever grateful to my wife Angela, I ruined that trip and she still hasn't kicked me out. She stood by me and our city, like she, always has. I am grateful for my doctors, nurses, therapists, and hospital staff. Man do they do a good job, they did a fabulous job, and I wasn't an easy patient, let me tell you," Mayor Menino said in his speech.

And, on Tuesday night, Mayor Menino took the opportunity to address legions of his political allies and a captivated audience, watching him for signs about his political future.

Policy may have taken took a back seat, but Mayor Menino spoke about getting guns off the street, improving education and a women's workforce initiative.

"2013, we'll also make Boston the premiere city for working women," he added.

That's a reference to fair pay for all.  

Mayor Menino did not talk about a sixth term in office - in fact, he didn't even reference it, so let the speculation continue.

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