Gronkowski shirts support local jobs and local kids

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January 31, 2012, 6:34 pm

(NECN: Eileen Curran) - The world may be watching and wondering about Rob Gronkowski's sore ankle, but his heart is doing just fine.

The evidence is in some t-shirts.

'Gronk' shirts are being produced by a Florida company, Encore Select and they're being printed at an Everett, Mass. company, Velocity.

The shirts are supporting local jobs and local kids.

"We like to work locally so the people that have work are keeping the money locally and two, our company gives back a percentage of the proceeds to the boys and girls club local chapter," said Richard Moore of Encore Select.

At the Charlestown Boys and Girls Club, there are already a whole lot of Patriots fans.

Club officials weren't aware of the donation, but were thrilled to hear about it and know it will go a long way to support their work.

"We have six core program areas. As you can see, there are games things go on, educational supports, art programing, athletics that run the gamut, leadership skills. Everything we do in our mission is supported by gifts like this," said Alexandra Fuchs of Boys and Girls Clubs Boston.

It also gives the kids a good role model.

"I think he has a great heart for doing that. Anybody who gives back is a good person."

The Boys and Girls Clubs is a favorite charity of the Kraft family, especially the late Myra Kraft.
Velocity will print more than 1,000 of the shirts on Tuesday alone. They're already available on-line at and will be in local stores by Friday.

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