Pa. high school students injured in Boston bus crash

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February 3, 2013, 7:26 pm
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(NECN: John Monahan, Boston)  -  New details are emerging about Saturday night's bus crash in Boston. We've learned the name of the driver is Samuel Jackson. He was behind the wheel when the bus struck a bridge.

Dozens of people were injured, many of them Pennsylvania high school students.

As of 8:30 p.m. Sunday night, Beth Israel had discharged 20 people and had one in critical condition. Brigham and Women’s had discharged one, had one pending discharge and had one in stable condition. New England Medical Center/Tufts had three discharged. Mass. General had discharged four and had two in stable condition. Boston Medical Center had one in stable condition and one in serious condition.

The Red Cross has stepped up tonight, helping the loved ones of people who were on that bus.

A student on the Calvary Coach bus headed to Philadelphia called her mom moments after the bus slammed into an overpass on Western Avenue. Her mother told NECN that her daughter said, “The roof was caving in on them. They couldn’t see out the windows to see what was going on.”

Those frantic words were made to Theresa Merrigan from her daughter as she was trapped inside the now caved in remains of the bus.  Fire officials say the bus was headed back to Philadelphia after spending time at Harvard University as part of a program called Destined for a Dream.

The bus was packed with high school students and their chaperones and somehow the driver missed signs that the bridge underpass they were headed for was only 10 feet high.

EMS workers on the scene said, that several people were trapped inside but some were able to be freed relatively easily and were ambulatory.

But not everyone. Of the 35 people were injured 3 suffered serious injuries. Theresa Merrigan’s daughter Elena suffered a concussion in the accident. She’s upset the driver made a wrong turn that led to this accident.

“I’m very scared and aggravated and this person made a wrong decision. It could have been a lot worse,” says this worried mother.

Curtis Hill, a founder of Destined for a Dream which sponsored this student trip, tells NECN this is the first time they used Calvary Coach.

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