Scott Brown creates stir with comments about stimulus bill

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February 5, 2010, 4:48 pm
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(NECN: Greg Wayland) - Newly sworn in U.S. Senator Scott Brown has generated a lot of buzz for saying not one job has been created out of the federal stimulus.

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick disagrees with the new Senator.

From the new Senator's lips, to the Massachusetts Governor's ears; When Scott Brown sized up the wisdom of a new 80 billion dollar federal economic stimulus proposal, his national politics took on a sharp local edge.

"In Massachusetts it hasn't created one new job and throughout the country as well. It may have retained some, but it hasn't created any new jobs."

"Well, with due respect, he's just wrong."
It so happened, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick was in North Andover Friday celebrating the award of federal stimulus, funded contracts to the solar energy company Nexamp, which is about to install four megawatt solar energy panels at twelve Bay State water and wastewater treatment facilities.

And they're growing jobs right here -- in the last few years having gone from just four employees at the outset , on their way to fifty now and with some infusion of federal stimulus funds you'll be heading north of that and we're very, very proud.

Patrick: "So for anybody who is questioning whether the stimulus bill is creating jobs here in Massachusetts, I say come on over to Nexamp."

That might seem a modest boost to the state's jobless rate, hardly enough to silence critics such as Senator Brown.

"In just the last few months, there are nearly two thousand public sector jobs that have been created, and I'm not talking about the ones that have been saved, new ones. Excuse me, three thousand public sector jobs. And over four thousand private sector jobs that have been created."
The Lieutenant Governor rushed in with some figures on construction jobs.

"Now for jobs in other sectors -- Well, there are jobs taking place in a whole variety of different sectors as a result of the federal stimulus money, whether it's direct grants that have gone to colleges and universities and areas of clean energy and energy research."

You could call it a misunderstanding, you could call it politics, but how are things going to work for the governor and for the newly elected senator from hereon out?

"I think our working relationship is going to be fine, particularly if it's based on fact."
But, there may continue to be Democratic facts, and Republican facts.

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