Legislation to make snowboarding Vermont's official sport

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February 7, 2011, 4:46 pm

(NECN: Anya Huneke) - Vermonters love their snowboarding. They have the mountains, the athletes and the manufacturers to prove it. But for some .. that's not enough.

Rep. Michel Consejos is trying to make snowboarding Vermont's official state sport. He got the idea from some of his constituents: a group of students and teachers from Swanton.

Almost four years ago .. when these students were in 6th grade at Swanton Central .. they undertook a project that would become much bigger than they imagined. Their teachers had them research and select a state sport, since Vermont didn't have one.

The students say they didn't choose snowboarding lightly.  They considered many different sports... looked at all the different criteria for choosing a state sport... and through all that, learned that snowboarding is the only sport that is truly Vermont's.

In 2008 .. legislation was proposed. It passed in the Senate after the students testified, but died in the House. This year .. it's on the table again.

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