Money Matters: U.S. Postal Service is best

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February 7, 2012, 8:11 am
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(NECN/CNN) - Patricia Wu joins "The Morning Show" from the Nasdaq to discuss the day's developing business stories, including:

-Zipcar to trick out City of Boston fleet vehicles for car sharing
Various departments of Boston city government will begin sharing cars using technology provided by Cambridge, Mass.-based Zipcar, the company announced Monday morning. Vehicles once dedicated to specific city departments have been pooled into a citywide fleet, outfitted with special equipment and linked to an online booking system, Zipcar reports in a news release. Like Zipcar's consumer "members," city workers will book cars online, and gain entry to the vehicles using a key card.

-We're number one, says U.S. Postal Service
Despite its financial difficulties and relatively heavy work load, the U.S. Postal Service has been declared the finest in the world by a British study. The USPS was declared number one for efficiency among the Group of Twenty major global economies, according to findings from England's Oxford Strategic Consulting. "We're the world's leading postal service," said USPS spokesman Roy Betts. "This report validates that fact." The U.S. Postal Service scored the highest for efficiency, even as it delivers far more letters per employee -- 268,894 in 2010 -- than other services in the G20. Japan Post, which came in second, delivers 103,149 letters per employee, and Australia Post, which placed third, delivers 166,776.

-Verizon and Redbox team up to battle Netflix
Verizon and DVD kiosk company Redbox said Monday that they're teaming up on a streaming video partnership, a move that puts Netflix squarely in their crosshairs. The companies said that the joint venture will launch in the second half of the year, but were otherwise very short on details. The service will offer "subscription services and more," and it will be available on multiple platforms like smartphones, tablets, and televisions.

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