Boston residents prepare for winter storm

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February 7, 2013, 7:54 am
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(NECN: Jackie Bruno, Boston) - New England is gearing up for a snow storm that's expected to pack a huge punch to the area.

Some people in downtown Boston spent much of Wednesday and Thursday preparing for the winter weather, but they were mostly just watching the weather reports - wondering just how much snow was coming.

The region has gone nearly two years without a storm of this caliber.

NECN Reporter Jackie Bruno caught up with some people getting ready for the white stuff.

"I got everything ready. The gas is in the snow blower so we'll just wait and see," one man said.

"Everything's all set, yeah, we're pretty good. The fridge is full, the kids are fed. We moved to Revere in '78 now I'm used to that - that blizzard was good… maybe my kids will have a memory of a good blizzard."

People preparing should plan to stock up on the following items:

- Non perishable food
- Pet food, batteries
- Flashlights
- Shovels and scrapers.
- Make sure to outfit your car with an emergency first aid kit and blanket

Drivers are also reminded to gas up the car and charge mobile devices.

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