Don't wait for the last minute to prepare for blizzard

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February 7, 2013, 5:31 pm
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(NECN: Scot Yount, Milton, Mass.) - When the weather folks say snow, you know what happens.

People stock up on everything, and at a gas station just outside East Milton Square, the pump was zinging along in a way that can make only OPEC proud. Lines are forming everywhere for everything related to keeping that snow out of your way to making sure that if the lights go off, you aren't stranded in the dark, or slipping in the driveway.

"It's a great looking shovel, and ready to go, got the snowblower ready, to do the stairs and the walkway it will be a good time," said Joe Fasciano who was out to buy supplies to get him though the snowmagedden we are hearing about.

Joe and lots of other people aren't waiting until the last minute, and we have lots of amateur weather-casters to be certain.

"Sounds like about 18 inches, geared up ready to go, stay warm and hopefully keep the power on," said a man who bought everything from batteries to a transistor radio.

"I think it will be 18 inches and I am going to the grocery story right now, but this is my normal time to go anyway," said a woman.

Sure it is. Some people just refuse to believe it, especially since some more recent storms failed to live up to their reputed potential.

"It's not going to be that bad," said a woman who was buying two 20 pound bags of ice melt.

"Well I know, I have a really steep driveway, so even if there is a little snow, I actually need a lot of ice melt," she said.

I even bought a big flashlight and some honking D batteries. I simply didn't want to be left out.

And then there is the guy who just doesn't believe it.  Period.

"I think it is all a mass conspiracy, the hardware stores and the supermarkets to get everybody out there buying stuff before we get three inches of snow," joked a man who had stopped in to a local hardware store in Needham to pick up a flashlight for his aged mother, who is a bit more worried than he is.

"She's got a little flashlight, she wants one of these big beamy ones, and I said what's the difference if the lights go out, you just stay in bed," laughed the man.

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