Mass. Gov.: Travel ban staying in place for now

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February 9, 2013, 9:40 am
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(NECN) - Mass. Governor Deval Patrick called into NECN's studio with an update on how the Bay State is handling the first blizzard in over two years.

Governor Patrick says despite slowly improving conditions, the storm is still bearing down on Massachusetts, and for that reason, the travel ban is still in place.

"The first order of concern is public safety, and the roads are still pretty dangerous, and of course the storm isn't over yet, so around midday, I'll reassess with a team and we'll get more up to date information, try to start making some decisions then," he said.

Governor Patrick says he's impressed with the fact there have not been any serious injuries yet as a result of this storm.

"When you consider the scope of the storm and the severity of it, it's really a minor triumph that we haven't had serious injuries," Governor Patrick said. "We had a couple people out last night, I guess, defying the ban and taking their chances, and we had vehicles driving the wrong way on the Pike, on Storrow Drive ... but no serious injuries."

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