TWIB: Sochi safety

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February 9, 2014, 1:51 pm
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(NECN) - Former Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis shared insights into safety concerns and preparations for the Sochi Olympics.

Davis began by saying that the threats are definitely something to worry about, due to the fact that the group who is making the threats is capable to strike.

“I’m hopeful that nothing will happen- that’s probably the way it’s going to play out. The problem is going to come in to play with soft targets in the area,” Davis explained.

He says soft targets are the areas around Sochi where individuals congregate.

Davis, as someone who handled the Boston Marathon bombings, suggested ways to prevent future attacks. He kept in mind that there is a difference between surveillance and the rights people have to their privacy.

“I think that there is an important rule that was set by the Supreme Court: Public places can be surveyed. And I think that that’s logical, and I don’t think people are upset about that,” Davis said. “So the question now is, since the Supreme Court has said that, how do we best do it?”

In addition, he talked about what businesses can do to be more secure.

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