Braude Beat: Tim Thomas is a coward

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February 10, 2012, 3:42 pm
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(NECN) – It’s the Braude Beat with Jim Braude.

He is discussing Tim Thomas, the contraception debate, No Child Left Behind and bread.
Massachusetts was waived from the No Child Left Behind education law on Thursday.

“I think it’s the right move. We are one of ten states being exempted. The theory goes that the state needs more flexibility to really focus on the schools that need help. The standards are so high that it’s causing hundreds of schools that are actually doing quite well to be in this needs improvement category and getting attention they don’t need and money they don’t need,” said Braude.

Onto Tim Thomas, the Boston Bruins goalie, who has been using his Facebook as a personal platform recently. He spoke out against Obama’s administration on Facebook but had no comment when asked by a reporter about his comments later that day.

“Tim Thomas is a coward, on a number of fronts,” said Braude. “One, he should get his facts straight. Number two, he doesn’t have the courage to say what you say. He never said it was about the Obama administration. Just like the first time he said it wasn’t about Obama…What this Tim Thomas does, great hockey player, posts on Facebook and then runs like a little child. He says, ‘well, I’m here as a Bruin.’ Well the only reason anyone reads your Facebook page is because you’re a famous Bruin. And then when you’re in uniform, you try to hide behind it. If you don’t have courage in your convictions, whether you’re Tim Thomas or anybody else, you know what my advice is? Shut up. And that goes for Tim Thomas, as well.”

Braude also discussed a report out earlier this week that said most of our sodium intake comes from bread.

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