Foul weather not slowing Cupid on Valentine's Day

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February 14, 2014, 6:12 pm
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(NECN: Greg Wayland, Needham, Mass.) - Let's talk about love. And you've got to love the fact that the bitter end of a cold, snow-battered week just happens to be Valentine's Day.

We forded the puddles and followed the snow blower to  the bouncing pastel balloons outside Needham florists in Needham, Mass.

We met Drew, who was buying tulips and roses for his girlfriend. He was one of what we'll call, the "last minute" men. Of course flowers being perishable and the weather being cold, it might be the best thing to get those bouquets at the eleventh hour.
And, owner Julie Bendavid says about 95% of her Valentine Day customers are men. We ran into Peter who was buying a nice bouquet and a couple of roses for his wife and daughter.

As for Julie's business in the little shop in downtown Needham, she says, " it's been crazy. Very, very busy."

Brian was buying a dozen long-stemmed red roses for "Karen," his wife.

Rob was also buying a dozen roses for his wife. Roses are definitely the biggest seller on Valentine's day. No surprise there. No surprise, either, that, having got to the flower mart early this morning, Julie was already running out of roses by early afternoon.
But there were plenty of other floral romantic possibilities. Orchids, hydrangeas, tulips, delphiniums. Our favorite was the birds of paradise, and ginger.
And every soul that rushed in from the cold to smell and buy the roses had hoisted his weight in white mush this week.    

Peter said he'd been shoveling slush all day, "so it's nice to have a little springtime here. "

"I just did my driveway with the snow-blower. This feels really good," said Brian.

So, forget that the snowbanks will probably outlast the flowers. On this Valentine's Day, it's the thought and the roses that count.

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