Warmer temps in New England turns focus to roof collapses

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February 19, 2014, 6:16 pm
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(NECN: Greg Wayland, Needham, Mass.) - Public officials and roofing contractors are speaking out as warmer temperatures in New England could present a new problem: Roof collapses.

It's the time of year when inches of snow have suddenly turned into feet on many roofs around the region.

"It's tough keeping up with the snow and keeping that snow off the roof," Needham, Mass. homeowner Rob Coffman says.

But in the winter of 2011, snow laden roofs began to give way. In Georgetown, Mass., a pitch-truss roof built over a school's flat roof caved in, forcing an evacuation - and that was on top of many residential roof collapses.

Rich Melo of Newton Roofing says the danger signs are mounting again, and could be compounded by rain.

"Right now, you're concerned about flat roofs, low sloped roofs with the weight of the snow and ice on them, especially if you get any ice dams on the edge of those roofs. The ice collects, the snow collects and then the rain adds a tremendous amount of weight," he explains.

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