2 young Conn. boys and grandmother found dead in car

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February 27, 2013, 6:05 am
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(NECN: Jackie Bruno) - Tuesday's Amber Alert was cancelled around 9:30 p.m. because that's when they found all three people they were looking for - the toddler, the baby, and their grandmother - all dead in a parked car.

"We want our babies back. We want them safe. It's his birthday today," the children's mother, Brenda Perry, cried.

Little Alton Perry was supposed to turn 2 on Tuesday. To celebrate, his grandmother picked both him and his 6-month-old brother, Ashton, up from a daycare early in North Stoninginton, Conn.

"She was supposed to pick him up because I didn't want him to be at daycare all day. I wanted him to come home and play with his new toys and have a good day. But he never came home," Brenda Perry said.

Instead, his grandmother, Debra Denison, 47, disappeared with the boys. She had a history of mental illness and left behind a clue that alarmed authorities.

"She left a note we don't know all the details of that," the boys' father, Jeremy Perry, said.

"She is normally a gentle person."

But, that gentle person was armed with a pistol... And by 9:30 p.m. police responded to reports of a suspicious vehicle in Preston. Inside, the two boys and their grandmother were found dead.

"I can't describe it. No words to describe not knowing where your kids are and having them with someone trustworthy. Nothing can explain it," Brenda Perry said.

Police are still investigating the tragedy. They have not realized a motive, or how the boys or the grandmother died.

Autopsies were expected to be performed to shed more light on the manner of their deaths.

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