Sullivan becomes 3rd GOP candidate to turn in signatures

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February 27, 2013, 7:06 pm
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(NECN: Alison King) - Michael Sullivan entered Abington Town Hall with his wife Terry, daughter Alyson and a pile of signatures.

The former U.S. Attorney and Plymouth County District Attorney needs 10,000 certified signatures to get on the ballot in the Mass. Senate Race.

He says he's collected about 25,000 in the past 12 days, which is impressive considering the weather and that he did not pay a firm to help with the process, relying only on volunteers.

"There were a lot of cynics who said this is an impossible task," he said.
Sullivan is the third Republican to announce he's collected the signatures, which were due to city and town clerk offices by 5 p.m. Wednesday.

The other two are Cohasset businessman Gabriel Gomez, who has released two campaign videos but won't make his first public appearance as a candidate until Thursday morning, and state Representative and former Romney Administration counsel Dan Winslow.

"I have a record as a socially moderate, fiscally conservative Republican," Winslow said.

Sullivan also calls himself -fiscally- conservative, but unlike Winslow he leans conservative on social issues as well. Sullivan is pro-life and opposes gay marriage.

Asked if that makes him too conservative for Massachusetts, Sullivan says, "I don't think so, no."
Asked for his take on the sequestration, Sullivan says the pending cuts are only about 2 percent of the federal government's total spending.  

"I think most people realize they've had to sacrifice a lot more than 2 percent, and they seem very frustrated that our Congress cannot find a path to cut 2 percent out of a federal budget," Sullivan said.

It's a very different argument than the one being made by state Democrats just months after popular Republican Senator Scott Brown was beaten soundly by Elizabeth Warren.

But while Dan Winslow distances himself from the national party, Sullivan, currently employed by former Bush Attorney General John Ashcroft's Washington D.C. firm, does not shy away.

"I'm actually very proud to be a Republican," he said.

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