Furniture maker renews hope chests warning following deaths of 2 Mass. children

February 28, 2014, 5:15 am
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(NECN) -  A furniture maker is renewing its warning about hope chests following the death of two Massachusetts children.
Lane Home Furniture is urging people to check to see if they own a cedar chest it made from 1912 to 1987.
A latch on the chest automatically locks when closed.
The warning was prompted by the January deaths of two kids in Franklin. Lexi Munroe, 8, and her 7-year-old brother Sean died after getting trapped in a chest.
The chests can be identified by the Lane and Virginia Maid brands inside of them.
Consumers who own the chest should remove the latch and call Lane at 1-800-327-6944 for replacement hardware.

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