Becker College helping less fortunate in Kenya

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March 1, 2012, 8:08 pm

(NECN: Kristen Doucet, Worcester, Mass.) - A pile of old cell phones at Becker College is meant to help people less fortunate.

This semester, 100 students are part of a local chapter of "One," a nationwide grassroots anti-poverty campaign.

For the past three weeks, a cell phone drive was held for "hope phones."

“The focus of hope phones is to help health care workers in Kenya connect with their high risk patients,” said nursing student Becky Corbett.

Even though the phones are used, they'll be vital to people in Kenya.

“Here we can go to the hospital down the street, these people have to trek three days to get to a clinic so if they are able to have cell phones to keep track it’s really amazing the lives that can be saved,” said Corbett.

The students have been collecting cell phones during lunches and in collection boxes at both of the school's campuses.

“We have about 150 cell phones right now between the two campuses and every day we getting more and more and it’s going to have such a big impact over there in Africa,” said “One” member Whitney Buck.

The Becker chapter of “One” meets weekly to discuss ways to help others around the world.

“It's really important for me to be a part of "One" because it makes you reach out to other people and to share with them the problems that the rest of the world is facing, not just in Leicester, Mass. or Worcester, Mass.,” said member Samantha Syner.

Corbett said one of the goals of Becker President Robert Johnson is to have students think as global citizens.

The chapter carries on that mission.

“He wants all of his students to be global citizens,” said Corbett, “and, for me, being a student, it’s just so exciting that we are encouraged to think outside the box.”

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