New iPad may take critics by surprise

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March 8, 2012, 8:06 am
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(NECN) - The latest Apple iPad was unveiled on Wednesday, and it has the doubters raising eyebrows.

The new tablet, expected to hit store shelves on March 16, has a crisper display, sharper picture. It operates faster, offers 4G capabilities, and software integration.

Jonathan Zchau joined "The Morning Show" to discuss the upcoming tech toy.

Jonathan is an Apple Expert, and a contributor for Cult of

Here are his pros for the new iPad:
- Retina Display, Speed boost, Better (5 megapixel) camera
- SOFTWARE - Integration (iPhoto, etc. - cloud & device integration)

Buyer beware:
- 4G LTE: Price (plus $30-$80/mo), Limited Coverage.
- AppleCare+: Price ($99 +$50 per incident, 2 incidents max), Compulsory (30 days to decide)

Advice for buyers:
- New iPad is hands down going to offer the best experience.
- First time? Go for 16/32 GB WiFi unless you have researched 4G.
- Already own an iPad? You know what you want. Cult of Mac recommends 32 GB, 4G LTE, Black. I bought a 16.
- Sell existing iPad.

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