Snow makes for messy commute

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March 8, 2013, 1:38 pm
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(NECN: Scot Yount, Lexington, Mass.) - Alright, I know.  If we all just stayed home like we did during NEMO, it wouldn't matter.  However, a reality check shows that just because people would like to stay home, most, simply cannot.

So if you are one of those people who had the opportunity to stay home, here is what you missed.  On 24 North and 128, the plows had done their work early on, and that meant that some pavement was showing through the muck.
And for us driving our little news car, that was good enough.  Most drivers who aren't us, will tell you something of the same order.

Now of course, the biggest issue anyone ever has during their commute is distance.  How long do you have to get out there and white knuckle it before you get to where you are going?  Hopefully it is for a good reason.  This guy lives south of the city, but works at a Boston Public School.

And, let's talk about even further south.  Another Boston teacher, this one from pretty much the Cape.

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