'This has got to be it'

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March 8, 2013, 10:27 pm
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(NECN: Peter Howe, Canton, Mass.) Of all the parts of southern New England hit unexpectedly hard by Friday's storm, a belt of communities south of Boston -- extending from South Weymouth to Canton, Stoughton, and Easton -- got especially belted, seeing 22 to 24 inches of snow fall by the time the storm finally wound down late Friday afternoon.

"I'm hoping it's the last -- the end of it," said Greg Correia of Canton, who spent more than 3 1/2 hours of Friday commuting for work, first to Taunton, then out to Worcester. "This has got to be it."

Fellow Cantonians Harry Falasca and Bob Maffie went to bed Thursday night thinking they might wake up to six inches of snow, maybe twelve by lunchtime Friday.

What they got was a storm that dumped twice as much, and well into the late afternoon Friday, adding an extra 21 to 22 inches -- unofficially -- of wet, heavy snow to a long, deep winter. (One weather watcher in South Weymouth, about 10 miles to the east, reported 24.1 inches.)

"I couldn't get out of the driveway," Falasca said. "I had to wait and get it plowed. Then I expected to leave work earlyn, and that didn't happen."

Maffie, a junior Little League coach, was looking forward to getting an early jump on spring with the league draft Saturday, only to find "more than we expected" for snow, "and again, the meteorologists got it wrong."

"I'm very tired of it, very tired," Maffie said. "I'm looking forward to grass."

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