Waves crash over sea walls in Kennebunk, Maine

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March 8, 2013, 3:46 pm
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(NECN: Marnie MacLean: Kennebunk, Maine) - The ocean put on a good show along Gooch's beach in Kennebunk, but few people were there to see it.

Most of these are summer homes, and the folks who did try to get a closer look were turned back by flooded streets or the fire department which closed down sections of the road along the beach for several hours Friday morning.

The Seaside Inn is open for the winter.  It's the second oldest family run business in the country, so the owners know what to do when a storm comes.

"We have berms built up with the snow and some sand and it goes to the creek and doesn't come in on us," says Ken Mason.

In this case, Mason is happy to be a block away from the ocean. Wave after wave went crashing over the sea wall and water flooded the street.

It isn't the water coming over the wall that is the only problem, it's that every time it does it brings with it rocks and debris which are littering the roadway.

In fact, it's a few inches of rocks that now cover the road.

Just like they plow snow, public works crews will come in after the storm and start clearing away the rocks.
As the tide pulled away at nearby Mother's Beach the curious came out to take a look.  For a landlocked Texan, it was a spectacular sight.

Maine only got a glimpse of that storm, but it was certainly eye-opening.

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