Video trying to raise awareness of Uganda war criminal

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March 9, 2012, 9:19 am

(NECN) - The video, "stop Kony 2012" has gone viral over the past few days, and it's from a group called Invisible Children that's said to be trying to raise awareness about Ugandan militia leader and war criminal Joseph Kony.

His Lord's Resistance Army is accused of using tens of thousands of children to fight as soldiers and be sex slaves over the past 20 years.

Prof. Timothy Longman of Boston University discusses Kony and the video phenomenon, although he takes issue with its portrayals of Africans as helpless and hopeless and waiting for someone from the United States to come save them.

Invisible Children has caused controversy with its tactics, and Longman says that groups like CARE and Oxfam have been in Uganda for decades.

"if you want to give money, I'm not sure this is the best organization to give money to," Longman says.

Invisible Children says it is fully committed to being transparent about its finances.

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