St. Paddy Thoughts

March 17, 2011, 11:15 am
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Everyone is Irish today.

I saw it this morning when I attended the breakfast for the Irish American Partnership.  The organization helps schools and educational programs in Ireland.

Sure there were plenty of us pasty-faced Celts, but there were plenty of dark-skinned people attending and enjoying the Irish lore and stories.

A special thanks to Ed Forry of the Boston Irish Reporter for inviting me.  As Ed so kindly introduced me around to folks, it became apparent to me that people knew me not as John Daly, the news anchor of Irish heritage, but the anchor who sits next to the Dorchester girl Latoyia Edwards. 

Another view from Ireland comes from my good friend Trina Vargo, the President of the US Ireland Alliance.  Here is a recent article she wrote for a publication in Northern Ireland that discusses the relationship between the Irish and the US.  Trina has great insight. 

But being Irish can break out anywhere.  Take a look at this video from Australia.  Special thanks to good friend Mark Little, one of the great journalists from Ireland, who is now an internet entrepreneur with a company called Storyful

I'll be tipping some pints with you all -- this weekend.  Be cheerful, but be safe and smart.

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