Republicans critical of own party in report

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March 18, 2013, 6:30 pm
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(NECN: Alison King) - Republican National Committee Chair Reince Preibus spoke out today on a new internal review, conducted after the Party's 2012 election losses, that offers a bold critique of what the party needs to do to say relevant and to grow.

He said, "Voters of all races, income levels and backgrounds need to understand that our policies offer a chance for a brighter future."

The 100-page report says Focus Groups of former Republicans described the party as:

Scary. Narrow-minded. Out of Touch and made up of "Stuffy Old men."

There are two key areas where the report is very clear.  Number one: that Republicans need to strongly support comprehensive immigration reform.  And number two, a call for the party to be more welcoming and inclusive in general, and in particular, on gay rights.

Massachusetts Republican Senate Candidate Gabriel Gomez, the son of Colombian immigrant, supports gay marriage.
He says, " I think its exactly the right thing.  That's what we've been doing in our campaign from day one."

And he says he's already been reaching out to minorities by visiting the state's urban areas, like Lowell and Lawrence adding, "We were just out in Holyoke Saturday.  40-percent hispanic population out there and we're going into areas where they don't even speak English."

Republican Senate candidate Dan Winslow also supports gay marriage.
He says, "Younger people tend to be more libertarian leaning than I think traditional social conservative republicans."

But Winslow believes the party needs to take more moderate position on other social issues as well.

He says, "We need to have the republican party speak not just about economic empowerment but also respecting freedoms of choice and freedoms of privacy that women also care about.  And these are the kinds of things that have cost us elections."

Senate Candidate Michael Sullivan was not available to do an interview, but a campaign aide says he is reviewing the report.  

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