Connolly running 'entirely different campaign'

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March 20, 2013, 10:46 pm
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(NECN: Josh Brogadir, Boston) - Mayor Connolly?

Sounds good to people inside the Omni Parker House, both those enjoying a cocktail and those bouncing around the room in a concert to get things going for the man who wants to be mayor.

Boston City Councilor John Connolly is hoping he can turn some of these punk-funk notes into election day votes.

Headlining his campaign rally for Boston mayor is the progressive indie rock band Bad Rabbits at the chandelier hanging, mahogany inlaid Omni Parker house.

"To win we're going to have to run an entirely different campaign, a campaign Boston's never seen before. And I think tonight is going to really signal that we're ready to do that," Connolly said.

"We back a progressive person, like John Connolly so we're excited about playing for him," said Bad Rabbits lead singer Dua Boakye.

"If the city was more progressive towards the arts, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and in particular for us, music, it just would lend to the city being better overall," said Bad Rabbits guitarist Salim Akram.

And while we can safely venture to guess that the Bad Rabbits would never be the soundtrack for Mayor Tom Menino's potential, still unannounced run for what would be an unprecedented 6th term, Connolly knows he needs some of the people in this room to have a shot.

"This crowd votes in presidential elections, the challenge is to get them to come vote in mayoral elections," Connolly said.

The free concert is part of the strategy of the 39 year old city councilor, Harvard grad, lawyer and former teacher to, push changes in education as the young alternative to the 70 year, health compromised longtime incumbent.

A mixed aged, packed room is a start, but Connolly knows he'll be waiting on Menino's decision as he plans his own campaign in the months ahead.

"I deeply respect the man, as I've said time and again and I'm going to continue to say, though I have real disagreements with him about the direction of our schools and a general feeling that we need a new focus, new energy, and new leadership in the city," Connolly said.

Connolly says no matter what Menino does, he's in this race.

There's still no word from the Menino camp on any plans.

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