Republicans ready to win in Mass.

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March 23, 2013, 12:57 pm
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(NECN: Scot Yount, Rockland, Mass.) - The Republicans say they are ready to win.

At a GOP breakfast in Rockland, Mass. on Saturday, the candidates for U.S. Senate believe they can beat either of the prominent Democrats, Ed Markey or Stephen Lynch.

"These other two guys are great guys, they've got great experience and any one of us three, are way better than Congressman Markey, who by the way, has been doing his job, since I was playing little league baseball," said Republican Senate hopeful Gabriel Gomez.

 So far, the three Republicans have been reluctant to criticize one another, but with just five weeks to go, time is running out.

"I've got a proven record, of problem solving in politics, reform and results in government to be able to get things done, and that's a broader experience than any candidate, Democrat or Republican, in this race," said Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Dan Winslow.

"No I would rather not talk about them, I would much rather talk about myself and some of my experiences I bring to the job, obviously people are going to have to make a decision as to who is the best person who actually both represent and serve them, somebody that they can trust, in terms of a very important position, at a very critical time in terms of our nations," said GOP Senate hopeful Michael Sullivan.

"And I've got private sector experience as well, I have been working with companies and know how they grow, and how to be successful, and I know exactly what is impeding them, coming down, coming up from Washington in terms of the regulations, and I know companies are uncertain right now, in terms of why they are not investing in their companies, why they are not investing in their people, and more importantly, why they're not hiring," said Gomez.

All three candidates say a statewide special election is the best chance of electing a republican in a state where just 13 percent of voters identify themselves as members of the GOP.

"Republicans have a good track record with special elections in Massachusetts, it is much more of a level playing field," Winslow said.

Republicans clearly are buoyed up the fact that this is a special election, because last time, a Republican - Scott Brown - won.

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