Braude Beat: Deadly bullying case

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April 7, 2010, 6:20 pm

(NECN) - On the Braude Beat, Beth Shelburne and Broadside host Jim Braude talk about the suicide of Phoebe Prince, and the push for answers from school officials.

Phoebe Prince took her own life in January after relentless bullying at school and on the Internet.

Beth Shelburne spoke with Superintendent Gus Sayer Tuesday.

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NECN has confirmed that in total, six teenagers are being charged in connection with the bullying of Phoebe Prince. Prince took her own life in January. We now know that the three girls being charged as juveniles in the case, are the same three who are facing 'youthful offender' charges in district court tomorrow. The confusion has stemmed from the fact that prosecutors legally cannot name defendants in juvenile court - but in total, there are six defendants right now facing charges.

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