Explaining security breaches

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April 10, 2012, 9:00 pm
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(NECN) - It's been a bad day in a bad week at the Utah Department of Health.

It turns out that another 750,000 people - many of them Medicaid recipients - have had their personal information stolen by hackers based in Eastern Europe.

The state of Utah now believes a whopping 900,000 people have had their personal information stolen.

The breach comes on the heels of a recent theft of 1.5 million credit card numbers from Global Payments, a company that processes your credit card transactions.

Why are these security breaches happening so much, and is there anything you can do to protect yourself?

Joining NECN Business is our go-to expert on these matters, Steve Weisman. Weisman is an attorney based in Massachusetts, a Bentley University professor and the author of seven books, including "The Truth About Avoiding Scams."

Watch the attached video for more.

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