Reverend Liz Walker: We are a community of resilience, we will rise

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April 18, 2013, 1:50 pm
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(NECN) – Reverend Liz Walker of Roxbury Presbyterian Church spoke at the interfaith service in Boston at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross.

She started asking, how can a good God allow bad things to happen? Where was God when evil slithered in and planted the horror that exploded our innocence?

This is what I know, she said, God is here, in the midst of this sacred gathering.

“Strangers bound first by loss and pain but now clinging together in growing strength in a city that has always faced the darkness head on.

We are a community of resilience, hard-pressed but not defeated, confounded but not consumed, we are gathered in community, and through the blur of each other’s tears and the beats of so many broken hearts, we will rise in community and face whatever the future holds, resolutely as one.”

This is what is demanded of us, she said, and this is who we are.

She said nothing taken will be forgotten or lost in vain.

Watch the attached video for more on the welcome and opening prayer to the service.

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