Democrats in Mass. Senate race ramp up campaigns before primary

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April 26, 2013, 8:18 pm
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(NECN: Alison King) - Ed Markey's Charlestown campaign headquarters was buzzing with activity Friday afternoon.

Dozens of volunteers, working the phones, stuffing envelopes and greasing the ground game that all five candidates, Democrat and Republican alike, agree will be make or break come Tuesday.

"We've worked very hard to put together this first class get out the vote operation," Markey says.

For the Democrats, Markey has a significant lead both in the polls and in money raised.

But his opponent in the primary, Stephen Lynch, says he has steadily closed the gap in the polls from 33 points a few months go to less than 10 points. And he says he has enthusiastic supporters, including union members who are reliable voters.

"The last two special elections, they said the same thing, they said I was going to finish second or third. And we won both those times," Lynch says.

In the first debate Monday since the terrorist bombings, Lynch aggressively attacked Markey for voting against the creation of the Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Markey's defense seemed week, but a Boston Globe analysis showed Lynch was mistaken on that point - that he had mixed up his terrorism task forces.

On Friday, Markey said, "Steve Lynch was completely off base in saying that I voted against the joint terrorism task force. That never happened."

But Lynch countered, saying that the crux of his argument was correct, that Markey had voted against the Homeland Security appropriation bills four times in 10 years, adding, "How do you vote against a funding bill for all the Department of Homeland Security consistently for 10 years and not give them any money? That's not a difference in one bill, that's an ideological position where you're voting against homeland security all the time."

The candidates now just have three full days left to make their final arguments and to convince you to get to the polls to get to the polls on Tuesday to vote for them. 

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