Winslow hopeful for win in Mass. Senate primary

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April 30, 2013, 8:57 pm
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(NECN: Greg Wayland, Boston) - Republican hopeful for U.S. Senate Dan Winslow says he's optimistic about primary results on Tuesday, despite placing last in polls, and says targeted voting played a large role in his campaign.

"We anticipated in our campaign that this was going to be a low turnout election, and I think these terrible events of the last two weeks have probably made it even worse than we anticipated in terms of voter turnout, so we've not focused our resources on a hundred percent of possible voters, but all of our resources on those few voters of independents and Republicans that we think are actually going to vote, and we'll see if that kind of targeted strategy will pay off at the polls and we hope that it will," he says.

When it comes to primaries, typically the base will come out and vote, and Winslow, who has been described as a moderate, says he doesn't think it will hurt him.

"The way to win an election is by the mechanics of elections. I would say I have the best field team in this campaign of any of the Republicans. My team has been working the phones in two locations, we've knocked on 20,000 doors, we've made personal calls to over 200,000 likely Republican primary voters and I think that's going to be the game changer for this race," he says.

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