NH men save woman from burning vehicle

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May 2, 2013, 10:22 pm
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(NECN: Lauren Collins) - It was a little after lunchtime on Wednesday afternoon, and landscapers Dave Sampson and Joshua Parker were on the job at a house in Nashua, N.H.

"We heard a crash out front and we looked around the corner and there was a minivan pinned up against a tree and it had caught fire," Parker says.

"We ran over to the car and the lady was screaming 'My leg, my leg'," Sampson says.

The two, along with coworker Jose Palacios, pulled the woman from the car. Parker noticed a child's seat, so he crawled in back to make sure there weren't any kids inside. There weren't.

A physical therapist who was passing by at the time stopped and got out to help the woman while the guys ran back to the van to get her purse.

Parker then ran for a fire extinguisher.

"By the time I got back to the van, the flames were already almost to the backseat," Parker says. "It escalated really quickly."

"Three or four minutes the car was engulfed and the flames were going, you know, 20 feet into the air," Sampson says.

The woman is being treated at a Boston hospital for hip and spleen injuries. In a press release, Nashua fire officials say the accident would have been non-survivable if the men didn't act.

"Nobody wants to see somebody suffer, so we just did what we thought was right," Sampson says.

When asked if he would do it again, Parker says, "Yeah. I mean, it's not something you even think twice about, you know - you just do it."

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