'Not cool': NH finalist upset with 'American Idol' voting twist

May 2, 2014, 8:29 am
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Given that Alex Preston made it through to the Top 4 on "American Idol" Thursday night, you'd think he'd be happy.

But instead, the finalist from Mont Vernon, N.H. is upset with the way the show introduced a new twist in the voting procedures this late in the season. Instead of having the viewers alone decide who would go home, the Fox talent show's producers introduced a new wrinkle on Thursday night. They allowed the final five contestants to decide whether to vote one person out this week or wait and vote two people out next week.

Two of the contestants - Preston and Jena Irene - voted to send someone home, and Preston's good friend Sam Woolf wound up getting the boot. Preston didn't hold back in sharing his opinion on the move.

"That twist was not cool. Didn't make sense at all," Preston tweeted. "Should have just kept it the same. Whatever. Sam HAS a career, he's about to explode."

He then followed that up with a second tweet, saying, "Everyone voted tonight, knowing that they themselves could go home. No one knew. It is Americas vote, has been for 13 years. It's (expletive)."

For his part, Woolf said he understood why Preston and Irene voted to send someone home.

"Stop hating on Alex and Jena," Woolf tweeted. "No one knew what the results were before the decisions were made. Anybody could of went home."

Preston and the other three remaining contestants will next perform on "American Idol" on Wednesday at 8 p.m.

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