One Fund Boston funds likely not enough to cover everyone affected

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May 8, 2013, 8:17 am
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(NECN: Jackie Bruno) - $29 million has been raised so far for The One Fund Boston, and while that sounds like a huge amount of money, It won't be enough to help everyone affected by the bombings.

“I was thrown in the air, smacked up against the wall, broke my wrist, the trauma of it,” said bombing survivor Wayne Gilchrist. “I’ve been crying every day, saw legs flying over my head.”
There’s no doubt Gilchrist suffered greatly because of the bombings on Marathon Monday, but how much he’ll get from the one fund is unknown.
“We recognize there are people in this audience that will find this meeting very challenging and difficult,” said The One Fund Boston Administrator Ken Feinberg.

Feinberg has been tasked with doling out the nearly $30 million raised so far. Still, he says there’s not enough money for everyone.
“Trying to allocate so much for death, so much for amputations, so more for hospitalization, maybe outpatient treatment.”
Meanwhile, the city of Boston is trying to salvage the messages written by mourners at the makeshift memorial in Copley Square before this week’s rain.
“We’re starting the process now…. respect and dignity,” said Boston Mayor Tom Menino.
Menino said they are planning for a more permanent memorial, but that will take time.
“We want to make sure the community is involved in the decision of where it shall go.”

There are still a lot of messages, flowers, and items here at the memorial. City archivists are trying to salvage what they can before today's rain but there's still a lot here.

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