Senator calls for railway 'no ride list'

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May 9, 2011, 9:29 pm
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(NECN: Julie Loncich) - In the wake of new intelligence pointing to a possible attack on railways in the United States, New York Senator Charles Schumer has proposed a 'no ride' list to protect passengers.

It is an issue that's been raised before -- security on our nation's railways. Now, with the advent of an alleged terror plot on trains on the tenth anniversary of 9-11, at least one politician says it's time to take serious action.

"We need to increase rail security funding in light of new intelligence to protect commuters, passengers, and freight rail across the country," said New York Senator Chuck Schumer.

Senator Schumer proposed a 'no ride list' Monday, similar to 'no fly lists.' Riders would have to show a photo ID before boarding. Names would then to matched against a list of known or suspected terrorists.

Some argue the list would only be applicable for Amtrak because a valid ID is required to purchase a ticket.

Senator Schumer says the new screening process would be relatively simple to implement. Not so, according to Northeastern Professor Carey Rappaport.

"It would be very challenging to do this. A lot of people would have to be employed, you'd have to reconfigure the platforms," said Professor Carey Rappaport.

With security already at an all-time high, train travelers say they aren't sure new measures would help.

"Often it seems like all those things are designed to make you feel safer, but I don't know if we're any safer because of them. I think if somebody is determined to do something, they'll probably do it anyway," said train passenger Penny Hawkins.

"I'm not sure that it would necessarily add a whole lot. I mean, it would add a lot more time to get on. I'm going to new york and I chose to take the train because of less security," said Cochran.

A spokesperson for the White House declined to comment on whether or not the President would get behind such a proposal.

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