Strong storms cause damage in Mass.

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May 9, 2013, 10:10 pm
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(NECN: Josh Brogadir, Stoughton, Mass.) - Three campers in Stoughton, Mass. shifted at least a few feet Thursday by what witnesses say was a funnel cloud that came across the road and over the building.

"It picked them up like 3 to 4 feet, dropped them back down where they smashed into each other," said used car and camper salesman Shawn Weir.

Who knew selling campers and used cars could be so dangerous?

Wait - before you answer that, consider this: Three campers that weigh about four tons each were lifted up and moved by the powerful thunderstorm that came through Stoughton about 4:30 p.m.

They were on blocks, but have now shifted a few feet onto a rock.

Baystate Ford's Pre-Owned Center employees say they saw a funnel cloud and took cover.

"All of a sudden you see a burst of wind and everything's just flying, debris's flying everywhere. I hung up the phone and told my customer to get up out of the chair and go away from the window. They didn't budge so I'm like, come on get away from the window, and all of a sudden my manager comes out of the office, we all ran outside, that's when I caught the video on the other side of the building, when the twister and everything was going back up," said salesman Seng Pell.

The storm went over the building, and also ripped a huge garage door from its hinges.

No one was hurt at the dealership, where Pell has little doubt that he saw a small tornado while selling a car.

"They were trying to buy a car and it was a whole process. So they didn't try to leave without their car, it happens, you know, you see everything in the car business," Pell said.

The dealership is waiting for insurance adjuster before it does any of the repairs.

The National Weather Service will have to determine if this was, in fact, a tornado, a microburst or what happened.

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