Senator Warren stumps for Markey in Worcester

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May 13, 2013, 6:07 pm
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(NECN: Mike Cronin) -  Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren was in Worcester Monday in support of candidate Ed Markey. The Worcester county sheriff expressed his support for Markey's opponent, Gabriel Gomez.

“I’m here today because I'm going to get out there and work for Ed Markey,” Senator Elizabeth Warren said Monday.

The Senator from Massachusetts excited the crowd at Congressman Ed Markey's Worcester office on Monday. The democrat is vying for the senate seat formerly held by Secretary of State John Kerry. Warren says Markey is running on behalf of working families.

“For tax fairness, to get rid of gun violence, to protect social security, that's where Ed Markey is. The republicans just have different priorities. That's what this race is about,” Warren said.

Markey is opposed by republican Gabriel Gomez, a business man and former navy SEAL. He's a newcomer to politics.

“Just a genuinely good person. I'm really excited about his candidacy. I think people are really gonna like this guy. I think he stands for a lot of the things I stand for,” says Worcester County Sheriff Lewis Evangelidis.

The Sheriff was with the republican hopeful at an event last month. He says like many voters, he's still getting to know Gomez. Evangelidis says the longer politicians are in Washington DC, the more influenced they are by money. He says the senate needs more people like Gomez because he says he's not part of the problem.

“Congressman Markey has been up there forever and I think a lot of people are ready for new people and I think Elizabeth Warren proved that and I hope Gabriel Gomez will prove the same,” the Sheriff says.

Back at the Markey office, Senator Warren says republicans see the race as an opportunity to push their agenda to protect the wealthy and cut social security.

“We've got to fight back. I fought back in my race. I know Ed Markey is going to fight back in his. We're all here today to help make that happen.”

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