Mother, daughter charged with abandoning dogs

May 13, 2014, 6:34 am
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TRUMBULL, Conn. (AP) — A mother and daughter have been charged with abusing nine dogs found without food and water inside a Trumbull home last October.

Police tell the Connecticut Post that 53-year-old Deidre Mines and her 28-year-old daughter, Charlotte, left the female Pit Bull and her puppies behind when they moved out of the house on Main Street.

Police say they determined the dogs had been alone in the home for almost a month, eating whatever they could find, including a bead necklace, push pins and pieces of cloth.

Police say they tracked down Deidre Mines, who indicated she assumed the dogs had died.

Both women face nine counts of animal cruelty.

Animal control officials say the emaciated dogs have been nursed back to health and adopted.

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