Mass. GOP hopeful Gomez courting former Lynch supporters

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May 14, 2013, 6:20 pm
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(NECN: Alison King) - Gabriel Gomez met with a family from Braintree, Mass. that had supported democratic Congressman Stephen Lynch in the U.S. Senate primary, but is now getting behind Republican Gomez instead of democrat Ed Markey in the general.

"If the Democrats have a good idea, well, heck, I don't care if they get the credit," Gomez said.

Members of the extended Lear family say they like Gomez's promise to be an independent-minded Senator who would reach across the aisle.
Dan Regan, a college student sitting around the dining table, told Gomez, "A person of your kind of moderate type stance is what's needed."

"They know I'm not ideologically rigid. They know I'm not going to go down there and be... Beholden to my party," Gomez said outside of the Lear home.

But Democratic political analyst Michael Goldman isn't buying it.  

"He's going to Washington to support the leadership of Mitch McConnell whose value system is the very antithesis of what Republicans in Massachusetts believe - let alone Democrats," Goldman said.

One vote on which Gomez would stand with McConnell and the Republican majority is his support of a balanced budget amendment.

Markey has voted against it along with most Democrats, who say the amendment could force deep cuts to Social Security, Medicare and national defense while forcing tax increases.

Gomez believes it could be done with more business friendly policies, which would mean more jobs and therefore more tax revenue.

"I think we should close as many of the corporate and personal tax loopholes as possible. I would throw in the carried interest tax in there as well," Gomez said.

Gomez has also adopted an attack against Markey that national Republicans started promoting in a web video Monday -- blasting Markey for his 92 bounced checks in the 1990s House banking scandal.

"I think that's more than just an oversight and the fact that it happened 20 years ago, shows just how long he's been in Congress," Gomez said.

The Markey campaign fired back: "Leave it to the national Republicans to dig up a 20-year-old news story about unintentional overdrafts from members of Congress..."

"The guys just accepted $5,000 from Newt Gingrich, who bounced 22 checks himself, including a $9,000 dollar check to the IRS," Goldman added.

Markey is in D.C. but will be back on the campaign trail Thursday.

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