Resume updating: Honesty is the best policy

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May 17, 2012, 9:15 am
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(NECN) - Job seekers may be tempted to embellish the resume a bit, but it can lead to more trouble than what it's worth.

A prime example of this - Yahoo recently swept out Scott Thompson as CEO on Sunday, in an effort to clean up a mess created by his misleading resume that destroyed his credibility.

Although Yahoo Inc. gave no official explanation for Thompson's departure, it was clearly tied to inaccuracies that appeared on Thompson's biography on the company's website and in a recent filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. 

The bio listed two degrees - in accounting and computer science - from Stonehill College, a small school near Boston. Loeb discovered Thompson never received a computer science degree from the college and exposed the fabrication in a May 3 letter to Yahoo's board.

Tracy Cashman works as the partner and general manager of the Information Technology Division at Winter, Wyman Staffing Firm.

She joined "The Morning Show" to share the following:

Embellishing is just as risky as lying. This relates to LinkedIn, Facebook, any online resume that employers can search!

Do you really need to lie in order to be recognized in today's work world? Is a job candidate ever able to get away with this?

Most Common Resume Lies 
- Degree
- Dates (exaggerate dates to cover employment gaps)
- Technology (exaggerate experience with a technology)
- Job Title

Tips for Job Seekers to Avoid Embellishing & Lying
- Avoid half-truths and gross exaggerations (half-finished degrees should never be listed as an earned degree).
- Address gaps in your resume (instead of fudging the dates of your past jobs to cover an employment gap, address the lapse in your résumé or cover letter to maintain chronological clarity).
- Change job titles ONLY if it clarifies your position (If your title is "office contact," when you performed duties consistent with an "administrative assistant," then go ahead and use the better suited title. That does not mean you can promote yourself to "vice president of administration"). 

Tips for Employers to Detect Embellished Resumes:
- Conduct multiple interviews
- Do a background check
- Seek out employment and character references

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