Emotional day in court for Kerrigan family

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May 19, 2011, 12:26 pm

(NECN: Scot Yount, Woburn, Massachusetts) - "He knelt down at him, mom I think he is just faking," said Brenda Kerrigan who is testifying in her son Mark's manslaughter trial.

Kerrigan, who is the mother of former Olympic skater Nancy Kerrigan, is on the stand reliving the night her 70-year-old husband Daniel died, after a physical altercation with their son Mark. Kerrigan testified that Mark was drunk at the time the two men struggled in an argument over the use of a house phone. At one point, the elder Kerrigan fell to the floor.  

Kerrigan testified that when her husband collapsed, Mark cried out.

"He was crying, he was kneeling telling Danny to get up, get up, I love you, you gotta get up," testified Mrs. Kerrigan.

VIDEO: Testimony from Brenda Kerrigan.

The prosecution in the case contends that the struggle and resulting injuries to Daniel Kerrigan's neck were the cause of his death.  

The family has stood by Mark and his defense team.  

They say Mr. Kerrigan suffered from high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and blocked arteries and those factors collided to cause the heart failure that killed him.  

Mrs. Kerrigan testified that she remembered little about the 911 call she made that night or the ride to hospital in the ambulance. The prosecution reminded her of what court documents show she told the driver.

"I said Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, what could I have done sooner?" said Mrs. Kerrigan.
The prosecution rested in the case Wednesday.  

The defense has now called an expert medical witness who is now testifying that the elder Kerrigan's health caused his death.

Nancy Kerrigan has been a steady fixture in the courtroom. She was not called on to testify by the prosecution, but could still be called to the witness stand by the defense.

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