Crews locate missing yacht overturned off Mass. coast

May 23, 2014, 4:24 pm
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On May 15, the four-person crew of the Cheeki Rafiki, a 40-foot British yacht, radioed that they were having problems about 1,000 miles east of Cape Cod. The crew was returning to England from a regatta in Antigua.

All contact with the yacht was lost on May 16, when the crew reported they were diverting to the Azores.

Crews spent the week searching for the missing vessel.

On Friday, a U.S. Navy helicopter crew located the overturned hull of the yacht 1,000 miles off the shore of Massachusetts.

A boat crew and surface swimmers were deployed to investigate the remains of the yacht.

One surface swimmer confirmed the name on the ship was Cheeki Rafiki. The yacht's cabin was flooded and the windows were broken apart.

The breech in the hull was caused by a broken keel, allowing water to flood in.

Surface swimmers are not trained divers, therefore they could not investigate below the water's surface.

With the yacht itself now located, search teams will turn their attention to locating a bright-colored life raft.

No signs of the four crew members were found.

On Thursday, the U.S Coast Guard announced that they would be suspending the search at midnight Friday unless they found new information suggesting that crew members were still alive.

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