Menino asks Bruins fans to behave after Game 7

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May 26, 2011, 10:34 pm
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(NECN: Josh Brogadir, Boston, Mass.) - Boston Police will have extra officers outside and inside the Garden, as well as special units on standby.

Hopefully none of it will be needed to step in.

Bruins fans are hoping the game 7 showdown against the Lightning reminds them of game 7 last month against the Canadiens.

Boston police are hoping Bruins fans' behavior reminds them of the excited but non-violent celebration of last month too.

Mayor Tom Menino with some words for the black and gold faithful.

"My message to fans who go to the game, enjoy the game and cheer on the Bruins to victory and after the game, behave," Mayor Menino said.

Championship games have not always seen peace on the city's streets.

Incidents of violence marred the excitement after the last Celtics title in 2008 with the death of David Woodman, who stopped breathing while in police custody and died a week and a half later.

After the last Pats Superbowl win in 2004, James Grabowski died when a driver plowed into a crowd of fans.

And who can forget the elation turned to mourning as Red Sox nation celebrated after 86 years of waiting in 2004, only to learn of the death of Victoria Snelgrove, killed by a pepper pellet fired by police in the out of control post game partying.

"There's always a few knuckleheads. Let's face it there's always a few folks who really don't understand the sport, who come in there, and have a few drinks and try to mar it but 99 percent of the folks come there to watch a game and celebrate," Mayor Menino said.

Boston Police were on knucklehead alert after Game 6, but, well, you know what happened on the ice in Tampa.

Expect the police wagons to be out again after game 7 outside the garden.

"Why the violence? I understand the partying and the happiness," said Pam Sullivan, of Malden.

"Thank God we're not in Central or South America or Europe, where it's far more violent for soccer matches, where they have mini wars," said Charles Calvey, of Boston.

"We've definitely woken up to some broken bottles, and with the dogs we have to be careful, but I have faith Boston fans will prove everybody to be good fans and not do anything crazy," said Megan Kerensky of Boston..

The concern for police, more than broken bottles in the grass.

Prediction from Da Mayah, by the way, a 3 to 2 Bruins victory in Game 7.

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