Start-up hopes to bring America's legendary dishes to your front door

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May 28, 2013, 2:48 pm
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(NECN/KNVT: Scott Budman)  - Whether you're nostalgic for home cooking or just a foodie who enjoys adventure, a new start up is hoping to bring America's most legendary dishes to your front door.

And we're just getting started…The BBQ is from Kansas City; the tamales from Texas; the blueberry pie from Michigan; and the coffee from Raleigh, N.C.

All can be delivered to you, thanks to a start-up called Goldbely.

It’s for when you absolutely, positively, have to have this cheesecake from Brooklyn.

"This is the famous number one cheesecake in the world... From Junior's Cheesecake .. It's the raspberry swirl cheesecake," says Goldbely CEO Joe Ariel.

Goldbely, based in Silicon Valley, is the latest in dot com commerce, bringing you the foods you miss, from anywhere in the country.

It's simple: you log in, find the dish you want and geography goes away.

“We believe there are amazing local items... People miss certain tastes," says Ariel.

For the price of shipping, you get gourmet food from anywhere. The bakers and small cafes get a much bigger market, and all of us are just a few keystrokes away from the taste of home.

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