Newspaper owner, 6 others killed in plane crash at Hanscom Field

May 31, 2014, 10:12 pm
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Seven people were killed when a plane crashed at Hanscom Field in Bedford, Massachusetts Saturday night.

The editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer said Sunday morning that co-owner Lewis Katz was among the seven dead.

Photo courtesy of the AP/Matt Rourke

Massport confirmed shortly after 2:30 a.m. Sunday that no one on board the plane survived.

The crash took place at 9:40 p.m.


The FAA and FBI were on the scene early Sunday morning, and the NTSB was en route.

"A Gulfstream IV aircraft ... apparently ran off Runway 11 at Hanscom Field in Bedford," said Jim Peters of FAA in a written statement. "The aircraft was departing it apparently caught fire."

The aircraft was to depart for Atlantic City International Airport in New Jersey. It arrived at Hanscom earlier Saturday.

An aviation source with direct knowledge of the investigation says the plane was N121JM.

Massachusetts State Police F-troop responded, but the FAA is heading the investigation.

Photo courtesy: Kevin Johnson

Aviation expert Steve Cunningham of Nashua Flight Simulator shared his thoughts about what may cause a plane to catch fire in such a way.

"The engine could implode, if you will. A turbine wheel could separate, there could be a fire in the combustion chamber," said Cunningham. "Or a fuel leak could also create a fire of that nature."


The American Red Cross of Massachusetts was on the scene to provide food and drinks to emergency responders.

The airport will remain closed as the investigation continues.

A team of three individuals from the National Transportation Safety Board was set to arrive at Hanscom Sunday morning to investigate.

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